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Gabe Newell isn’t Sick of Half Life 3 Questions

by William Schwartz


In a recent interview with Eurogamer, Gabe Newell declared that he is actually not “sick and tired” of being asked about the status of Half Life 3. “I understand why people ask about it. I’m not sick and tired of it. But I don’t have anything to say,” Newell stated. It’s been approximately four years since Half Life 2: Episode 2 was released and the world hasn’t received any real information on Episode 3 since March of last year. Granted, all of the articles that have been invading the web in regards to the status of the next installment of the Gordon Freeman saga over the years has been getting pretty annoying for the fans (even me). However, it’s a little surprising that the Valve founder actually doesn’t mind all of the questions and protests about it (but THAT was pretty funny, how could anybody not enjoy a few Canadians brandishing some clever signs on the lawn in front of Valve).

“We know our customers really well. We talk to them all the time. They show up outside our office with cardboard signs. We like being part of the gaming community and we understand what they’re telling us. We think they understand where we’re coming from. They get mad at us, and they let us know. Other times they’re really happy with us and they let us know that as well. Gamers are passionate and they’re smart and they’re effective communicators. And they have our email addresses. So we know what they think. It’s good. It helps us be a better company…I would not trade the enthusiasm and straightforwardness of our fans for a quieter inbox.”

Now, if you’re the sort of person who likes to read into things too much (more annoying internet speculation anyone?), it should be noted that the questions asked by Eurogamer were about “Half Life 3” not “Episode 3.” It’s been widely believed that the large delay in release may be because Valve has ditched the episodic format, in favor of updates (as Newell describes in the same interview), and has turned the next Half Life into a full sequel. But, again, this is all speculation as usual, at least it’s good to know that the game is still in development in some fashion.

On a lighter note, Newell also discussed his 800 hours of play time on DOTA 2 and how when he enters ‘internet style fanboy mode’ and wants to see some features changed, the team treats him like every other forum poster on the web: “I’m that guy on the internet, and the team ignores me as well, god dammit.” It has nothing to do with the topic…but it was funny.

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