First Glitches and Exploits found in Call of Duty

by AOTF Staff

Over the last few years the Call of Duty games have been plagued with a couple of different problems.  With the game being such a competitive online shooter, players have turned to cheating in Call of Duty at a rapid pace.  Moreover, players have also turned to modding their consoles and controllers to get an edge in the Call of Duty games as well.

The latest glitches and exploits for Call of Duty have been discovered, and they allow for almost god-like killing abilities in the shooter.  Why would you want to do this?  Well, cheating in video games is a practice that’s as old as the hobby itself.  Simply put, who doesn’t want to kill others without the chance of being killed.

Getting out of the map, glitching behind walls and other objects where others can’t see you… it’s apparently all fair game in Call of Duty.  It’s good that we live in a world where games can now be patched, however.  With continual updates to the Call of Duty games, hopefully these latest glitches will be patched out of existence.  Unfortunately, more will be found in due time.

With memories of last year’s Call of Duty debacle concerning the prevalence of the many glitches and other general problems that launched with the game it’s unfortunate that this year’s game is seeing the same sort of glitches and exploits in it as well.

Hopefully the developers will be looking into this quickly as its ruining the fun of the game that only just launched a few short days ago.


- This article was updated on July 13th, 2021