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Go Ahead, Pre-Orders For the PS Vita Have Begun

by William Schwartz


Following last night’s announcement of the PS Vita release date, Sony has opened up pre-orders for the handheld.  With it’s do-everything feature set and hefty $299 price tag (fully equipped), you can get the official run-down and pre-ordering instructions at the web portal that Sony has recently commissioned to do its dirty work.

And that dirty work consists of showing you exactly where to pre-order their upcoming handheld.  Right now when following the pre-order links, you’ll get options to pre-order from Amazon, GameStop, Best Buy, Target, and K-Mart.

It’s hard to tell how much demand there will be for the device near launch, especially taking into consideration Nintendo’s recent release.  But being a Sony product, if you need to have this item on day one, you should probably make sure you get your order in early.

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