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God of War: Ascension is too hard, getting patch

by William Schwartz


God of War: Ascension recieved some criticism for being too hard from reviewers following its release.   A section in the game known as The Trial of Archimedes, which requires the player to utilize Kratos’ full repretoire, is getting patched for difficulty.  Todd Papy, the Director on Ascension explained on Twitter.

Papy simply told fans via Twitter, “It will be patched very soon”.

This section of the game is brutally challenging.  Taxing for even the most experienced God of War players, but is that a bad thing?  Should developers be forced to patch their games because players can’t complete them?  Whatever happened to games just being hard at some points?

It’s a sad day for God of War fans, Todd Papy did not reveal when training wheels would be put into Ascension, nor did he reveal what would be patched specifically.  Some critics had hoped for the ability to turn the difficulty down at any point in the game; so let’s hope that the incoming patch from SSM  is something along those lines, and not a dumbing down of one of the most intense spots in the game.

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