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Gran Turismo 6 page discovered ahead of Sony’s GT Event

by William Schwartz


Gran Turismo 6 could very well be announced within hours. There have been numerous hints dropped about a possible big reveal for the popular racing franchise, and a new product page for the game is making it even more probable that a reveal from Sony and Polyphony is imminent.

The product page redirects to the Gran Turismo newswire now, but while it was up it was sending inquisitive fans to a blank product page for Gran Turismo 6. Elaborate tricks by Sony? It’s highly unlikely. There have been numerous hints that the next edition of Gran Turismo is on the way, and tomorrow marks the fifteenth anniversary for the franchise.

Tomorrow Sony will be holding a Gran Turismo event that marks the anniversary, where legendary developer Kazunori Yamauchi will discuss the future of the GT franchise. There are no new details to spill just yet, but earlier this year a Sony executive accidentally revealed that Gran Turismo 6 would be released on the PlayStation 3 later this year. And while its an almost certainty that another Gran Turismo will arrive, the question on many fans’ minds is if it will also launch on the PlayStation 4.

Stay tuned. Fresh Gran Turismo details should be inbound later today.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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