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GTA Online fans want Online Heists, get more jobs


Despite promising new details of Online Heists for GTA Online, Rockstar has still not commented on the highly anticipated feature. Instead, this week, GTA Online players will get a handful of Rockstar verified jobs for the game.

“When we find a really great GTA Online user-created Job that we feel deserves recognition as one of the Rockstar Verified selections, we often dig through that Creator’s other offerings to see if there is something else waiting to be unearthed,” reads a post on the Rockstar Newswire.

While new user-created content is great and all, many GTA Online players are clamoring for new missions and online heists. Rockstar had promised new details about these aspects of GTA Online, but have yet to follow-up on the claim.

But just because Rockstar hasn’t commented on Online Heists, doesn’t mean there haven’t been any developments on this front. Earlier this week, users who took a look at the code behind the latest GTA V update, and discovered some possible hints at what to expect from Online Heists in GTA Online.

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