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GTA Online money hacks and RP cheats return after update

by William Schwartz


When Rockstar rolled out the latest patch for GTA Online, it was supposed to alleviate hacks and cheats that have been running rampant in the online portion of the game.  Rockstar went as far to take the game down for maintenance for 24 hours while they tried to decipher who earned their money and rank legitimately, and who was exploiting the system.

Apparently, GTA Online cheaters are still hard at work.  A massive list of GTA Online DNS Codes has surfaced post-patch that allow for many different exploits for the game.  You can find the list of over 50 codes for modded lobbies in GTA Online in the video below.

GTA V Online Modded Lobbies

Now just because these cheats still work, doesn’t mean that Rockstar won’t be enforcing their new policies to curb the use of these exploits.  Rockstar themselves said that they will be targeting GTA Online cheaters in the months ahead, and hope to stomp out these exploits altogether.

- This article was updated on:February 20th, 2018

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