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Halo Reach Map Pack Coming Soon

by William Schwartz


According to Major Nelson of Inside Xbox a new Halo Reach Map Pack is incoming.  No details or specifics were given on a time frame or price, nor even if it was a map pack at all.  Odds are it is another expansion similar to those of previous Halo games.  Which would include multiplayer maps, and possibly firefight arenas.  The first downloadable content was release just a short while ago in the Halo Reach Noble Map Pack which included three maps for $10.

The first map pack was well worth the cost.  The extra content does well to extend the games life and I can’t see Microsoft deviating from this succesful formula, but who knows.  You can check out our reviews for the Halo Reach Noble Map Pack Here.  Our original Halo: Reach review is here.


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