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Homefront Can Compete with Call of Duty & Battlefield 3


It’s a competitive market, the AAA first person shooter space.  But Homefront publisher, THQ, believes that their game is worthy of consideration in “the conversation”.  That conversation being gamers wallets, and with Homefront being one of the first true competitors that THQ has brought to the space, their not going to sit idly by and allow EA and Activision to fight amongst themselves.

Danny Bilson of THQ recently sat down with Eurogamer to enlighten us:

“When we started Homefront, I said ‘guys, if you want to build a first person shooter that deals with modern combat you’re competing with Call of Duty.’ The mission is – we just want to be in the conversation. With Battlefield, with Call of Duty, with Medal of Honor. And I like to think we’re in the conversation,” said the THQ VP.   “Can we beat them? Those are insane numbers for fantastic games, over many years. This is a franchise launch but so far so good. I think we have a really good game. And I think in particular in the multiplayer Battlefield is as much fun as anybody’s.” and more recently it was announced that Homefront had earned the most pre-orders of any THQ game in the company’s history.  “That’s just GameStop in North America. They’re not Call of Duty numbers. But we’re also a more nimble company, so a moderate hit will mean a lot to us. And a blockbuster hit would be ridiculously huge for us. All we can do is make the best game we can, sell it as well as we can and hope for the best.”

It is indeed a tough battle for THQ,  but they are coming into the market at the right time.  The first two AAA FPS games that arrived earlier last month Killzone 3 & Bulletstorm both cater to a different market than the Homefront will.  With Black Ops already being available for almost 5 months, Homefront may be just the game they are looking for to tide them over into the Summer and Fall when Battlefield 3 & and an alleged Call of Duty Modern Warfare title will wage a holiday war.

Source:  Eurogamer

- This article was updated on:March 7th, 2018

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