It Looks Like Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the Last Sin Plays Best on PS4

by AOTF Staff

From Software’s Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the Last Sin is getting ready to debut on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.  The obligatory comparisons between the graphical fidelity and performance of the games has begun, with Eurogamer just releasing their Performance Analysis of the game.

Apparently, the PlayStation 4 version of the game is superior, while both the PS4 and Xbox One versions achieve the 1920×1080 resolution.  The test reveals that the controversial lighting system that was left out of the last-gen releases is indeed in play in Scholar of the Last Sin on new-gen consoles.

The Xbox One appears to get hit when it comes to frame rates, “making combat sluggish,” according to the analysis.

“From Software has described the Dark Souls 2 engine in terms of its viability for this generation, but it’s now clear that PS4 hands in results closest to the developer’s intention. Within the console bracket, it’s no doubt the best version to date, while Xbox One claims second place in the running owing to its less stable frame-rate.”

Scholar of the Last Sin PS4/XB1 Comparison

- This article was updated on April 2nd, 2015