Attack of the Fanboy

Kinect Integration Coming to Windows PC

by William Schwartz


Steve Ballmer recently announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, that Kinect will be officially supported by Windows PCs.  The CEO did not elaborate on the specifics of the incorporation with Windows, nor did he announce a time frame for the supported compatibility.

Whether Microsoft supports it or not, many have taken the liberty to incorporate their own functionalities into the device.  Robot controllers, Game Controllers, Boobie Smackers, Virtual Puppet Shows, to name a few.  Incorporation into Windows officially is happening in the future, although little is known about the features,  the potential is definitely there.

This announcement comes on the heels of PrimeSense’s announcement that they will be bringing a Kinect device to the PC complete with their own version of an App Store where creative folks can distribute their Kinect hacks like the ones mentioned above.

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