Kinect Sold Out After One Day of Sales

by AOTF Staff

So you are one of the people that were looking for a Kinect but decided not to go to midnight release?  You might have a hard time finding the motion controller on store shelves this holiday season.  Online retailers are showing backordered status for Kinect at the biggest electronic suppliers websites like Best Buy and .

What does this mean for Kinect?  Well it means that the millions of advertising dollars worked, first of all. And either those “core” gamers decided to purchase the camera, or they just wrangled a bunch of new customers. Either way, Microsoft must be happy with Kinect first shipments selling out on Day 1.

You can still find the Kinect on the likes of but it won’t be long before the holiday price gouging begins.

- This article was updated on July 13th, 2021