Konami Wants To Know What Franchises You Want Back

by Dean James

Konami has been one of the most talked about gaming companies for awhile now due to a variety of reasons, hardly any good however. While they have been mostly based for their lack of care for many past franchises, a recent survey may indicate differently.

Often times, gaming companies uses surveys to get direct responses from their consumers and Konami has been one of the most prevalent at using this method. They at one point surveyed fans on if they wanted another Metal Gear Rising game, though that has not proven to go anywhere to this point.

Their latest survey is titled the “Konami Heritage Games Survey” and it’s all about their older franchises. The survey starts by asking which of the following franchise you are aware of, including more known series like Castlevania and even lesser known ones like Sunset Riders. It then asks which of these you’ve actually played in the past and how you would rate and what you liked about the games.

The most important question comes next, where it asks how interested you would be in a “new launched version” of a game from the series you chose at the start. Also very vital, it asks which platforms you believe would be most suitable for them, including console, desktop, mobile, or cross platform.

There has been a lot of talk about Konami moving more towards mobile games only, so if you want to see your favorite Konami franchises remain on console, it might be worth your while to take part in this latest survey, though I doubt this would truly influence their future decisions. If you are interesting, you can take the survey right here.

- This article was updated on February 21st, 2018