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LA Noire Pre-Order DLC Gets A Trailer

by William Schwartz


If you pre-order LA Noire you’re going to get bonus content in the form of a downloadable case to solve.  “The Naked City” will be available to all that reserve a copy at Gamestop.  The DLC will feature detective Phelps as he investigates the apparent suicide of a fashion model.  The young and beautiful woman is tragically found naked in her bathroom amidst a pool of pills, the most likely conclusion is that she’s taken her own life.  Or did she?  What about those bruises?

Pre-order LA Noire from Gamestop and solve the mystery yourself.  LA Noire is the upcoming detective thriller from Team Bondi and Rockstar games which features state of the art facial modeling technology that will allow characters to convey emotions never before seen in a video game.

Source: VG247

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