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Latest Dragon Ball 3DS Game Opening Shown Off In New Video

by Dean James


A new Dragon Ball related game coming out is just about as sure of a thing as the sun rising each morning, so it comes to no one’s surprise that a new game has just released in the series, but sadly it will likely remain a Japanese exclusive. For those outside of Japan, you may have never heard of Dragon Ball Heroes, but it is an arcade game that utilizes cards to battle. The popularity led to a few spinoff mangas and then home ports of the game, the latest coming to the Nintendo 3DS under the name Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission 2.

This game features a giant range of content from across the years of Dragon Ball, including some original content involving Dragon Ball Heroes. The card based combat is certainly very different from any other iterations in the series outside of the Heroes moniker, so it will take some getting used to for sure.

Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission 2 just released in Japan the other day and you can check out the complete opening for the game right here. Do you wish this series would make its way to the US alongside games like Dragon Ball Xenoverse or is this one best kept in Japan for now?

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