Madden NFL 15 Predicts the Patriots Will Win Super Bowl XLIX

by Kyle Hanson
Madden NFL 15 Super Bowl XLIX Prediction

The Super Bowl may be an annual tradition for millions of sports fans, but gamers get a little extra treat with the annual Madden NFL simulation of the game. This year the New England Patriots squared off against the Seattle Seahawks in Madden NFL 15 to see who would triumph in this Sunday’s big game, Super Bowl XLIX. The game was certainly close, coming down to a final touchdown by the Patriots to squeeze out a 28 to 24 victory.

Madden NFL 5 has predicted that the New England Patriots will defeat the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX

The Seahawks actually led for most of the game, securing a 24 to 14 lead during the game. However Tom Brady marshaled his troops and pulled off an epic comeback which culminated in a last second touchdown by Julian Edelman. No matter the result, hopefully the real game this Sunday will be as exciting.

As far as how accurate of a prediction this could end up being, the Madden games have done surprisingly well selecting the victor of previous Super Bowls. Eight out of the last eleven were correctly predicted by the annual simulation, which simply allows computer controlled teams to play against each other without human influence. It’s most recent flubs came due to underdogs, such as the massive upset Seattle pulled over Denver last year.

If you had actually been using Madden’s predictions to place bets in Vegas you would be doing fairly well, especially given the fact that it called upsets like Baltimore in 2013 and New Orleans in 2010. Currently the Patriots are favored to with Super Bowl XLIX, so this year’s prediction isn’t quite as far-fetched as those were.