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Mass Effect 3 complainers were the minority, says Mass Effect 4 writer

by William Schwartz


For as beloved a trilogy as Mass Effect was this generation, the third installment of the game came under intense scrutiny for its controversial ending.   Many fans of the series thought Mass Effect 3’s ending wasn’t fitting for the trilogy.  Airing these complaints in droves, these fans prompted Bioware to issue an unprecedented alternate ending for the game via DLC.

The developers earned fan trust back with a steady stream of DLC for the game, culminating with the last installment of single player content offering with so much fan service it was hard not to forgive Bioware for their handling of Mass Effect 3.  With that controversy behind them, the writer of “Mass Effect 4” reflects on the controversy in a recent interview.

Mac Walters, the lead writer for the Mass Effect franchise told O Canada that those who complained about the Mass Effect 3 ending were a “very vocal minority”.   Minority as they may have been, this extremely vocal group forced the hand of Bioware who has since issued multiple downloadable pieces of content to help explain it better for the fans.  Minority or majority, it worked.

Walters is currently working on the writing for the next Mass Effect game.

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