Attack of the Fanboy

Meet Duke Nukem’s More Friendly Brother

by William Schwartz


Do you think that Duke Nukem may be a little too brash with his over the top one liners and other manly displays of awesomeness?  There is an alternative my friends, and that alternative is Doug Huggem, Duke’s more mannered twin.  The comedy troupe Mega 64 recently put together a new trailer for Doug Huggem and what a game experience featuring this newcomer to the FPS scene might feel like.

I’m not sure about you, but this idea is so revolutionary and fresh that, I can’t see this ending in any other way but a sequel.  Duke Nukem Forever 2? …. I think so.

Have a look at the behind the scenes of the creation of the Doug Huggem trailer, a developer diary if you will. John St. John, the voice behind Duke in the video below.

Source: Gametrailers

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