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Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection “Too Big” for Xbox 360

by William Schwartz


The recently announced Metal Gear Solid: Legacy Collection is not coming to the Xbox 360, and it’s because the collection is too massive for regular dvd discs. According to the series’ creator, Hideo Kojima, he wanted to release the new collection on Xbox 360, but had to ditch those plans because of the inclusion of Metal Gear Solid 4.

The amount of data in MGS4 is just too enormous for Xbox

“The amount of data in MGS4 is just too enormous” the developer explained in a radio show. With Blu-ray discs weighing in at 50 GB and standard Dual layer DVD discs coming in around 8 GB, the discs that would need to ship with the Legacy Collection on Xbox 360 would be many. Seemingly too many for even the most dedicated Metal Gear fan, and more discs than we’ve ever seen a game ship with before.

“When it’s the next Xbox console, maybe we can release it,” said Kojima “If we released a version on the Xbox 360 without MGS4, then it’s not The Legacy Collection.”

While there have been numerous collections of previous Metal Gear titles released in recent years, the Legacy Collection covers all bases. No collection has been released with Guns of the Patriots, which should do well to get you up to speed prior to the arrival of The Phantom Pain and Metal Gear Solid V.

The Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection is due to arrive in June, exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

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