Attack of the Fanboy
E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo)

Microsoft has “Bigger announcements” than Natal

by William Schwartz


Microsoft announced today via to its registered members via email:

” E3 is the world’s largest gaming show and the place where we make the BIG announcements about what’s coming up on Xbox.  With the massive Project Natal announcement at last year’s event, you’d think we’d find it hard to top that.  Well, think again.

“This year at E3 we’ve got even BIGGER announcements to share with you.” – via MCV

What could this new announcement be that is bigger than Natal:  A Xbox 360 redesign?  A revamped exclusive lineup?  Xbox’s that don’t break after a year?  Only time will tell as we will be covering the Microsoft event scheduled to start later in the evening.  One thing is for certain there is quite a bit of buzz that has been generated by the notion that Microsoft’s major announcement for E3 is something other than Project Natal.

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