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Microsoft Defeats Pirates With New Xbox 360 Security Measures

by William Schwartz


Microsoft has been fighting a constant battle with piracy on the Xbox 360.  The company which has seen numerous methods fail to impede piracy on the console, may have hit the mark with a recent security update that stop users from playing pirated software on the Xbox 360.

Said to have updated Xbox 360 consoles without user consent.  The latest silent update changed what is known as the DAE.bin on the consoles, and works in conjunction with the AP 2.5 disc protection to stop users from playing any games with the protection on them.

If users attempt to play games with the AP 2.5 disc protection after the silent update, those users are said to receive a flag on their system which could be used to ban a specific console.  In 2009, Microsoft banned thousands of Xbox 360’s for playing pirated software, as well as any system modifications that aren’t allowable under the Xbox Live Terms of Use.

Is another ban wave headed for Xbox 360 owners later this year?

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