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Minecraft Xbox 360 Disc Version gets delayed

by William Schwartz


A disc version of Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition was due to arrive in late-April, but has recently been delayed by Microsoft. A company spokesperson relayed the news, claiming that the delay was so that they could include the “very latest content” for the game.

This presumably means that when the disc based version of Minecraft arrives in June, it will feature Tu9 and the The End update. The delay could also be because the most recent update caused a few problems for Silver Xbox Live users. 4J Studios, the developers behind Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition have said that TU10 is already in certification with Microsoft, and will be arriving shortly.

Look for the disc based version of Minecraft on Xbox 360 to arrive in early June, and the TU10 patch to arrive shortly, for complete patch notes, head here.

- This article was updated on:April 15th, 2013

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