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Minecraft Xbox 360 Mash-up Texture Packs reveal coming soon

by William Schwartz


Minecraft on the Xbox 360 will soon be getting support for Mash-up and Texture Packs in the coming weeks. The most recent update for Minecraft on the Xbox 360, Title Update 12, laid the ground work for the new feature.

However, 4J Studios is still waiting on “legal sign-off” before revealing the first pack to eager fans. Last month, the developers revealed a teasing image of the mash-up packs for Minecraft on the Xbox 360, and got fans chomping at the bit to get in on the new skins for the game.

There are no Mash-up or Texture Packs available yet

“There are no Mash-up or Texture Packs available yet. We’re waiting for legal sign-off before we can reveal the first pack.”

4J Studios has revealed a few details about the Mash-up packs thus far. They’ve said that players will be able to test them out in game worlds to see if they like them or not, but they will not be able to save their creations. If they find a specific pack that they like, they can purchase it in full on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

So what are the Mash-up packs coming to Minecraft on the Xbox 360? It’s hard to tell how long this legal process will take for 4J Studios, but it could be weeks before we hear anything.

Alongside keeping the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft updated with new content and features, 4J Studios is also working on an Xbox One version of the game. The company also recently announced that they would be making a PS Vita, PS3, and PlayStation 4 version of Minecraft.

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