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Minecraft Xbox 360 Update readying for certification

by William Schwartz


Minecraft Xbox 360 Update 12 is getting ready to be released. 4J Studios has issued a brand-new screenshot from the upcoming update, and have advised fans that they are currently “bug fixing” before moving the patch to certification with Microsoft.

Minecraft fans have been waiting patiently for the Xbox 360 Update 12 to arrive. Earlier this month the developers warned that the update was taking longer than expected due to the fact that their workload had increased with the Xbox One version of Minecraft now on their plate.

Minecraft Xbox 360 Update 12 doesn’t have an official change list at the moment, but stay tuned, 4J says they’ll be announcing all the changes when the patch goes into certification. So how long will it take them to release the update? From the sounds of it, we could be seeing Title Update 12 released before the end of the month, or early August at the latest.

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