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Modern Warfare 3 only competing against itself

by William Schwartz


With so much made of the upcoming battle for FPS supremacy pitting Battlefield 3 vs. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Sledgehammer Games co-head believes that the developer’s true competition is Modern Warfare 2, and no other game.

Glen Schofield said in a recent interview:

“We have the pressure of living up to Modern Warfare 2…I would be kidding you if I said there was no pressure. We’re working on the biggest game in the world. But there is also that adrenaline that kicks in when you are working on a game like this,” said Schofield.

“We know how hard each team works,” he said when talking about Battlefield 3. “I know the sacrifices they and their families are putting in, so there is a lot of respect there.”

Looking at the media leading up to release, it’s even hard to tell that a good portion of the original Modern Warfare 2 team is gone from the franchise. Since this was one of the major hurdles for the franchise, post “Infinity Gate”, we’ll have to see how well it stacks up to the previous Modern Warfare titles when the full game launches in November.

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