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Mortal Kombat Demo Coming to PlayStation Plus Subscribers

by William Schwartz


PlayStation Plus is really starting to show big value with all of the exclusive content the subscribers have been getting. Chalk another one up for the PlayStation Plus users, because the demo for Mortal Kombat is coming as an exclusive to the service. On Tuesday, March 8th, the demo will be made available to download.

The fighter from NetherRealm Studios will include four playable characters which includes Skorpion, Sub-Zero, Johnny Cage, and Mileena. Fatalities and X-Ray Attacks will also be available in the demo, which will be playable across two areans: The Pit, and the Living Forest. You will be able to play single player or in versus mode with 3-D support in the demo.

While PlayStation Plus subscribers are the first to get it on the 8th, their non-paying brethren will get access to the demo on the 15th.

Source: ScrawlFX


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