NBA 2K16 Cover Athletes Leaked

by Dean James

The current NBA season is just now into the playoffs, but that does not mean information about the upcoming NBA 2K16 wouldn’t start to be coming out. Thanks to some inside information acquired by Polygon, some major intel about the game has now been revealed, including the game’s three cover athletes.

Similar to how the series has previously brought on the likes of Jay-Z and Pharrell to work on the game’s music, it has been revealed that Oscar-nominated filmmaker Spike Lee will be playing a major role in crafting the career mode in NBA 2K16. Probably the most well known fan of the New York Knicks, Lee’s involvement was revealed through Polygon’s source and marketing materials that they also acquired.

The marketing materials themselves also reveal that the game is apparently going with three different cover stars, including the return of 2K15’s cover athlete, Kevin Durant. He will be joined by Stephen Curry and James Harden, two of which are strongly in consideration for the MVP award this season. The pictures show off the three images that are going to be posted on Instagram with the following message to officially announce the game.

  • “I’m starring in the new SPike Lee Joint! Check me out. #NBA 2K16 #BeTheStory”

With this leak now occurring, it has pretty much ruined 2K Sports’ surprise, so we’ll have to wait and see if they still go with this promotion. It also is interesting to see if they will put out three distinct covers for the game or if they will hold some sort of vote later to decide between the three. EA Sports’ NCAA Football series tried the multiple covers before that were scattered across the different platforms, but there is no indication of such a plan right now. With the cat out of the bag now, hopefully they will officially unveil NBA 2K16 very soon.