NBA Live Series Gets an Elite Makeover

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It’s no secret that the NBA Live franchise under Electronic Arts has been in trouble for some time.  That said this makeover is coming as no surprise.  Recent confirmation by EA Sports shows that the NBA Live name that has been the same for nearly 20 years  is being changed to NBA Elite 11.  According to OXM the revamped basketball “sim” put more emphasis on analog controls much like other sports titles in the EA Sports brand.  Take for example the Fight Night and Skate series’ and you have an example of two games that rely soley on the analog sticks for most of the games interaction.

As well as the name change, the series may also get a physics makeover.  A little over a week it was made public that EA Sports will be introducing real time physics to the NHL series.  With both games being developed by the EA Canada Studio it’s likely that the overhaul will be made to both titles.

Time will tell if the makeover is mostly cosmetic or the games engine will be completely retooled.  NBA Live 10 was one of EA’s best efforts in recent memory, but the NBA 2K series has been handing out lessons to the once popular basketball title for 10 years solid.

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