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New Developer Survey Shows Stronger PS4 Support


A new survey consisting of 400 games development professionals has revealed that there is a larger interest in working on the PlayStation 4 over Xbox One. The results of the GDC Europe 2014 European State of the Industry Survey show a clear gap between the rival consoles, with the PS4 being worked on by 20% of those surveyed whereas the Xbox One only has the attention of 13%. The gap further widened with future projections reporting that 33% of developers are planning to create games on the PS4 compared to the 23% looking to work on Xbox One content down the road.

The Sony-favored interest may be due to the difference in each platform’s install base, as published in a recent interview. With the PlayStation 4 supposedly getting ready to hit 10 million units sold and currently residing in more regions than its competitor, it comes as no surprise that developers are flocking to the system. While the numbers are in Sony’s favor when it comes to consoles, they are a far cry from the most sought after platforms: PC and mobile.

The survey declared that 58% of questioned developers have PC titles underway, with 60% stating that their next project will arrive on the aforementioned platform. Mobile beat out PC, snagging 65% of the respondents. So it would seem that the relevance of home consoles is declining, or so this survey would have you believe. Whatever the case, the message that most will focus on here is that the PlayStation 4 is continuing to pull ahead this console generation, in both sales numbers and developer support.

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- This article was updated on:August 14th, 2014

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