New Final Fantasy XV Info Revealed At Malaysian Event

by Damian Seeto

The Comic Fiesta event is happening in Malaysia this weekend where Square Enix revealed some new details about Final Fantasy XV.

The editor of Nova Crystallis (a Final Fantasy fan-site) attended the Comic Fiesta event and he reported about Final Fantasy XV on his Twitter account, @MakuXV.

An interesting thing about Final Fantasy XV is that there will be a huge Malaysian influence in the game. They are working with Malaysian companies to help develop the game. Square Enix also said that they would like to work with more Malaysian companies to help develop future Final Fantasy titles too.

Malaysian culture will also feature in the actual Final Fantasy XV video game itself. Some of the foods featured in the game include Teh tarik, Satay and Roti canai.

Speaking of food, Ignis (one of the characters in your party) can cook for you. He will make great meals depending on the ingredients you give him. Ignis is the guy with glasses and a British-like accent for those unfamiliar with the character.

Square Enix also said the one of towns you will visit in Final Fantasy XV is called Lestallum. This is the town you may have seen in the Jump Festa trailer released earlier this month.

Square Enix didn’t want to admit yet if Stella is still in Final Fantasy XV. Stella was the blonde girl seen in the trailers for Final Fantasy Versus XIII. When the game got renamed to XV, she hasn’t been seen yet. Square Enix just laughed and said “no comment” when a fan asked for her whereabouts…

- This article was updated on December 28th, 2014