New Retail European Dying Light Release Date Revealed

by Damian Seeto

The new retail release date for Dying Light in territories outside of North America has finally been revealed.

Gamestop Italy has now listed that Dying Light will now be released on February 20th in Europe. This is for the physical retail copy of the game only. The digital release for the game remains unchanged. For digital buyers, you can still buy the game at the end of this month.

Presumably, the February 20th release date also affects other countries that were hit with the physical delay for Dying Light as well. Aside from Europe, territories like Middle East, Asia, Africa, Australia and New Zealand had a delay with the game too.

The release date for Dying Light hasn’t been altered in any way for North American buyers. They can buy the game both digitally and physically on January 27th.

Techland never gave a proper reason why the physical version of Dying Light was delayed in many countries. Chances are is that they didn’t make enough discs for the game to ship out worldwide. It wouldn’t be a developmental reason since the game turned gold and is still being released on time for digital platforms.

Dying Light will be available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions were cancelled last year.