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Nintendo Has Another Wii U Remaster In The Works, According To Source

| August 15, 2014

Nintendo Has Another Wii U Remaster In The Works, According To Source News Nintendo  WIIU Nintendo

In the modern age of gaming, remasters of games seem to be becoming more prevalent in the industry. Most recently, we saw The Last of Us Remastered, even as a game that just released last year, and it has been selling extremely well in the short time. On the Nintendo side of things, we got The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD last year and now it appears Nintendo may have another remaster up their sleeve.

This is just a rumor for now, but it comes from the source that “predicted” both The Devil’s Third being a Wii U exclusive and Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, though the latter was an almost sure thing regardless. The translation of the Twitter post by NicoWav says:

  • “You’re gonna love it, but it’s a Remaster. It’s perfect to fill gaps in the line-up. Really, Big N [Nintendo] will have one game per month in 2015.”

Many expected Nintendo to announce some sort of HD remaster during E3, specifically one for Super Mario Galaxy or even a bundle of the two in HD form. However, that came and passed without any announcements. It doesn’t have to just be Wii games either, as many on NeoGAF have speculated games such as Super Mario Sunshine, but perhaps the most popular one besides Super Mario Galaxy was Xenoblade Chronicles. The very rare Wii game would make sense, especially with Xenoblade Chronicles X coming to the Wii U next year sometime.

If you could see the remaster of any Nintendo game on the Wii U, what would it be?

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  • K

    Mario sunshine, I love it

  • Wizard of Peace

    Mario Sunshine, or Luigi’s Mansion would be nice.

  • Ken Leep III

    Metroid Prime Trilogy! Wishful thinking probably, but it would definitely fill in a gap.

    • Logan Hollis

      Why would they remaster a remaster?

      • Chad Jones

        Because they made it a stupid limited edition without making a standard one so getting it after the first month was goddamn impossible… That and they’re great games, easy cash grab

        • Logan Hollis

          Um, they already did a reprint. You can’t get the collector’s edition, but you can get the game from gamestop for 50 bucks.

    • leo bel

      Big time ¡¡¡

  • jimmy

    Super mario galaxy in d would be AMAZING! Why can’t we just have all of them lol.

  • jimmy




    • $113353191

      RIP your last few brain cells.

    • Epicstuf

      R.I.P in your pants.

  • dull gamer

    jetForce jemini originally for the Nintendo 64 , great game.

    • Kalloran Castalia

      Microsoft and Nintendo would both win. That would be a great remaster!

  • dcj91x

    Xenogears, the first xeno game remastered on the wiiu, AMAZING!

  • That guy from Behind

    Please be either Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, Majoras Mask, or Xenoblade.

  • Scott

    Mario 64 or Sunshine, both are screaming for a HD-make.

  • Woopy

    Mario Sunshine or Kirby Air Ride, PLEASE!

  • Chase U

    Super Mario Sunshine!

  • locherboy101

    fzero gx please !!!!!!!!!!!!! I think its perfect just make it hd keep everything else the same and throw in online mode and I will line up day one going insane cause that is with out a second thought my top 5 favourite gamecube games and and one of my personal favourite racers along side mario kart 8

  • locherboy101

    oh mario 64 is another game I would love to see on the wiiu because I think it would be perfect in hd and smashbros melee please that is hands down the best smash bros(unless the wiiu version tops it cant say its not out yet)

  • milan32

    F zero gx with ax arcade courses in HD with online. Wouldn’t need any extras_with all that!!

  • Epicstuf


  • Matthew Sizemore

    Super mario sunshine or mario 64 for starters.

  • Gustaf_the_cat

    Why not all of them?

  • sswags0112

    I would love to see “perfect dark” In HD

  • Endless Ocean would be fantastic in HD and would make excellent use of the gamepad to boot. Aside from that, the usual would be nice…Mario Sunshine, Metroid Prime Trilogy, F-Zero, etc, etc.

  • leo bel

    Dk64 , Majoras mask and a little of golden eye n64

  • Jason D Odermatt

    Want Metroid Prime trilogy hd. TWP. Vectorman

  • Connor John Brandston

    is this going to be one remaster a per month

  • ?????

    Majora’s Mask.

  • italodance

    I told you many times,Wii U is dead,so maybe there will be a new one on the way.

    3DS is dead too

  • I would like to see a remaster of “Last Story” and a remake (or sequel) of “Disaster: Day of Crisis”

  • Dan

    Pokemon Stadium and Super Mario Sunshine

  • Eugene Lee

    please, don’t waste barely different looking games on remakes like galaxy or sunshine
    instead, give them a sequel
    ON THE OTHER HAND, give us a super mario 64 hd, and it has to be a proper remake, not like super mario 64 ds (although it was ok)

  • Karel

    super mario sunshine!!!! Wii U need this HD remake!

  • Jj Bizzle

    Mario 64, remake of the greatest platformer ever created.

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