Original Dragon Ball Not In Dragon Ball Xenoverse

by Damian Seeto

It appears Dragon Ball Xenoverse will mostly focus on Dragon Ball Z and some of GT, as the original series is not included

J-Patrol had a chance to interview Tony who is the Community Manager at Bandai Namco Games Europe. He was kind enough to answer several questions from fans about Dragon Ball Xenoverse.

One of the biggest revelations about Dragon Ball Xenoverse is that the original Dragon Ball series will not be featured in the game at all. Tony said that there will be no characters or even stages from the original Dragon Ball series.

The main story of Dragon Ball Xenoverse mostly focuses on events from the Dragon Ball Z timeline. Even the events from the recent movie “Battle of Gods” is added too.

Tony did say however that there is to be more characters to be revealed from the Dragon Ball GT series. He said he wasn’t able to share who they are yet, but they could be revealed soon prior to the game’s release this February.

In terms of stages, Tony revealed there will be at least 20 stages (or more) in the final build of Dragon Ball Xenoverse. He kept quiet about the number of fighters that will be included and told people to just wait to find out for themselves.