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Patch Update 1.02 For Dragon Ball Xenoverse Will Address Server Issues

| March 10, 2015

Patch Update 1.02 For Dragon Ball Xenoverse Will Address Server Issues News  Dragon Ball Xenoverse Bandai Namco

Patch update 1.02 for Dragon Ball Xenoverse will try and address the game’s ongoing server issues.

Patch update 1.02 for Dragon Ball Xenoverse is due out later today (March 10th) for most countries. The patch should also be available for all platforms of the game.

Bandai Namco announced all the details on the Dragon Ball Games Facebook page:

Hello Time Patrollers!
Read on for the latest Dragon Ball XENOVERSE updates:

Online Services:

– Player Match (1v1, 2v2, 3v3) are functioning properly on all platforms. This mode is accessible from ‘Player Match Online’ desk in Toki Toki City.
– Multi Lobbies and Single Lobbies functioning properly on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 and we are still continuing to work on improvements on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC/Steam.
Please note that your network status can also affect the server connection.

Compatibility Patch 1.02:

– On March 10th, we will release Dragon Ball GT Pack 1 compatibility patches for Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.
– This patch will ensure compatibility with the new content of the DLC Pack 1 to be released soon and will improve several issues as you can read below.
– We will have new details regarding the online events in the comings weeks!

To implement this update, we will be conducting server maintenance during the following times:
March 10th 5:30PM to 9:00 PM JST
March 10th 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM CET
March 10th 1:30 AM to 5:00 AM PDT

Full Patch Notes

-Added data for Dragon Ball GT Pack 1
-Fixed English dialog and subtitle inconsistencies
-Fixed issue where “Reversal” evaluation could not be earned in Quests
-Fixed issue where some materials could not be earned in Quests
-Fixed issue where player could not be revived from downed state
-Implemented online event functionality

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Say Something
  • Torch

    next patch will address server issues and dropped items? Absolutely no fucking shit. Get on it assholes

    • Majin Stew

      “Get on it assholes” this edgy person right here needs to learn respect and patience.

      • Someonewhoplaysdbzsincehesees

        But I do understand his anger…. I mean come on they couldve just added all the dlc in the game. budokai tenkaichi 3 has a lot more options then xenoverse. They even deleted the world exploding scene when you use a Ultimate on the world it could explode in bt3.

        but indeed he needs to learn about respect they are already working their asses off probably

        • Zac Hansen

          BT3 was made by different people, it’s not fair to keep comparing Xenoverse to that. Dimps made the first 3 original Budokai games and nothing else until Xenoverse.

          • Undertaker_88

            They also released infinite world and burst limit as well.

        • Reverend SPaceman

          Tenkaichi 3 sucked. There was no substance to it besides the giant, copypasted roster. That’s the issue with all the Tenkaichi/Raging blast games as a whole.

      • Sabih Ijaz

        When you pay full price for a game, you expect ALL of it to work.

        • KD

          Well most of it did work..besides all u was missing was all those annoying ppl running around talking about hello want to help me lvl up..its annoying ass fuck

          • Sabih Ijaz

            Still, it was a part of the game that did not work properly.

        • Joshua Martelle

          Oh noes you paid full price, that sucks I didn’t. Your first problem is your expectation of the perfection that these games need to have. tons and tons of hours and imaginative creativity,and skills to make these games that many of us could never even start to acomplish go into these games, just for you to pick it up for 60 bucks. That’s amazing by any standards, nothing is perfect. And neither are the people making the game. they can’t predict how things are going to turn out after all the people are playing and connecting to their servers. Sure it was annoying, but they fix it with patches. Be greatful that the game exist, they could have never made it And you wouldn’t know a damn difference.

          • bvill2g

            I agree with you mostly but if hardly anyone can get on the server?, someone fucked up. Its not just one counsel. Its all of them. Read the comments dude are you kidding me. You dont have to have a degree to make a game like this. Wow. Education my friend

          • Croach93

            The only issues with the server that I encountered involved getting on the Multi Lobby and Single Lobby. You could still play online without them. Joshua is right. Expecting the game to be perfect was where you guys fucked up. That’s why everyone’s usually disappointed with games. You expect the creators of the game to be gods and have everything work out perfectly, when that’s absolutely unrealistic. You’re only paying $60 for the full price of the game. It isn’t that much, so “entitled” morons like you should shut the fuck up and think about things in a less selfish, greedy way.

          • Accipiter

            Exactly, we wouldn’t know the difference. This conversation wouldn’t have happened. Get over it.

          • Sabih Ijaz

            If you bought a car and it worked fine, but the airbags didn’t work, would you be pissed off that you got sold a car that doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to, or would you just suck it up and be grateful for the rest of it? You would go back and complain about it. It’s these apologists in the community that defend devs that pull this shit on us that are part of the problem.

          • p

            Hey Joshua, shut the fuck up :D

      • Torch

        Touche, sorry rough night.

        • Accipiter

          Don’t be sorry, the people who made the game screwed up. Stand by what you say and don’t stand for companies making poor decisions and don’t succumb to online peer pressure.

      • bvill2g

        Sorry but if you pay an incredible 60$ for this shit game and it has absolutely no online capabilities that it says it offers “which is the main reason people buy multiplayer games” id be pissed too. In fact im one of the idiots who did and not once have I been able to get on the damn server. Sorry bud but your argument is invalid.

        • chris

          It does

        • Bojack

          Well actually you are able to play online whether you connect to the servers or not. You just can’t walk around a Toki Toki city packed with players. It says that you are unable to use online features when unable to connect to the server but that’s not the case. Sorry bud but your argument is invalid

        • ZarkionUltimate

          are you seriously calling xenoverse a shit game? why don’t you give it a try then maybe when you can make a game even half as good as this you can complain but half the people who play games and then say it’s shit couldn’t begin to program and create a game even half as good. One other thing be grateful for what you are given they don’t have to keep making games you know they do it for the fans and even if you argue that it is for the money well then if its so bad then its your fault for buying the new game as soon as it comes out just like you probably did with the last one and the one before that honestly we’re lucky that the dragon ball franchise (both game and anime) is still going so stop complaining and just enjoy what you’ve got for once

          • p

            Hey zarkion, shut the fuck up :D

      • Accipiter

        How about you learn respect dillweed? They pushed this game out with problems! Fix them.

      • you’re stupid

        No, they just need to stop releasing broken fucking games at full price

    • Gregory Hajjar

      Although i enjoy the game i agree with you sir

    • LuckyKnock

      can you help me? i download the dlc pack 1 like 4 days ago and it isnt working in game and it isnt in my downloads list in ps3 :S please help

      • j32

        The dlc isn’t out yet. You downloaded the season pass

        • LuckyKnock

          it says that the gt pack 1 was released today but i havent got anything? i downloaded it 4 days ago and it isnt even on my downloads list :(

          • Thanataphobic

            Read Again, – “On March 10th, we will release Dragon Ball GT Pack 1 compatibility patches for Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.
            – This patch will ensure compatibility with the new content of the DLC Pack 1 to be released soon and will improve several issues as you can read below”

          • Nevfx

            This post needs to be read more! Thanata is right. There post clearly states it is a patch being released to prepare for the upcoming DLC.

      • gazg1987

        Luckyknock you could try and update your computer that might help? ?

    • Kaiokant84

      Those “assholes” saved my life, I was planning on committing suicide until this game came out. If it wasn’t for Xenoverse, I wouldn’t be here today, so basically go fuck yourself torch. They’re Heroes…

  • Guest

    Umm after updating it tells me, I need to update and I can’t even go online now…

    • Spartacus

      Same here. What’s going on?

    • feni

      I have the Same Problem, It says i need to update …

      • Eziel

        Same here, just curious what platform mines ps4

    • Joel

      I’m getting the exact same problem, went from having a low chance to get online, to no chance all.

  • Vekiro

    Yay. It seems they broke it even more.

  • LordBeerusGoD

    I download update and installed but it says I haven’t so I’m assuming servers must be offline for maintence…

  • Guest

    I can’t update it it says I did but when I try to play it says I can’t get online

    • Shon Williams

      The free dlc comp. Pack then yu can play online

  • semih

    To implement this update, we will be conducting server maintenance during the following times:
    March 10th 5:30PM to 9:00 PM JST
    March 10th 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM CET
    March 10th 1:30 AM to 5:00 AM PDT

    • Yeah, I think people below ignored the times they posted…XD

  • zzzzzz

    Z… DB XV on ps4 have connections issues. If you could just read the news.. They said that they are actually working on it. So stop crying. Get your ps3 out of the garbage and come online. :)

    • Shon Williams

      Go to store for free dlc comp. Pack then yu can play online

      • I’m actually still playing online..You just cant be in a hub with tons of people but the online battle kiosk works just fine.

      • Joel

        What pack are you talking about? I just looked all over the playstation store, and looked up everything related to dragon.

        • Nevfx

          It’s just the update patch there isn;t anything on the store regarding it.

  • Drake Bloodthorn

    Honestly i hope eventually they remove the random chance for the “Ultimate Condition” Victory. the fact you have to get a condtion to get it to pop up ontop of it being random can become super frustrating and ruins the fun. [Note i don’t mind the random item drop or even the hours farming those items, but when i meet the “Beat in less then 10 minutes” Condition or any of the others and then don’t get the bonus ontop of the only way to grind an item is to get the bonus. ontop of the item having a low chance of dropping even if you DO get the bonus, just kinda hurts.

    • Joel

      Yes, but for the low levels, I’m sure they will have a difficult time completing the rather overpowered enemies that revive.

      • Evan Blake

        Joel makes a good point. While it might be obvious for us, the new players probably would not want that at first. so I have 2 ideas. a) ultimate finish cannot be unlocked until clearing the mission once. a1) each bonus is unlocked separately, Ie you must beat each paralell quest 3 times to access the ultimate finish giving you time to level up and making it gradually more difficult rather than being level 5 and taking on a level 30 challenge by accident.

        And b) set ultimate finish to an on/off option so that lower level characters can turn it off if it presents a challenge on certain missions then re-enable once they are ready for the ‘boss fight’. b1) each paralell quest has a level req before it is unlocked, they could add a level req to make ultimate finish achievable as well. This option would require the most effort on their part but would work the best.

        But this will never happen as even if they increased drop rates by 100% and increased ultimate finish rates by 100% the game would still take years to complete. and that’s clearly how they wanted it. Spending 10 minutes on a battle, then having to re-do it 9 times which adds up at about a 15% chance to get yourgiven item. I put the drop rates at 5% btw and ultimate finish seems to be about 35%-40% likelyhood.

        • nathan butler

          Well if you lose in the bonus it still counts as a finish its bonus so it doesn’t matter really for new guys.

          • Joey Defiore

            Or they can just tell the player what the secondary objective is while keeping 3rd one hidden until they do it. That way it is up to player whether they want to go for ultimate finish. Having the special event be guaranteed while not neccessarily guaranteed the drop of the item itself, at least means that you always have a chance to get that item every time as long as you do the side objective, resulting in probably getting the item you want faster.

    • 0 IQ

      We all feel your pain, man. Farmed PQ 53 for 2 hours yday, I got the Ultimate Victory like 3 or 4 times total. Neither time did a Broly clothing piece drop. Almost in tears ; (

  • GamerDude

    Damn can we get more characters like android 13 14 15 16 19 20 bebe vegeta dabura grey buu ubb master roshi ect make the game more exciting and majin vegeta

  • Castrond Rico

    They also nerded the piccolo kami z soul.

  • Castrond Rico

    They also nerfed the kamiccolo z soul

    • nathan butler

      How so?

      • Dan

        I too felt like it had been nerfed, the healing you get from it has been reduced immensily. I haven’t been playing for a few days now and when I came back I noticed the difference. Preferably I hope they reverse it a bit, not too its full extend but slightly.

  • Sekulture

    so instead of updating so healing items will affect story allies they just add in dlc where there will be a few quests that will make us need to keep more story allies alive and yet face difficult odds that make it next to impossible, next patch please make healing items for the allies actually work for the allies.

  • Glenn Hunt

    When I purchased this game I thought everything was going to be dope azz, but nooooooo these guys had mucked it up even more, come on bandai don’t let us dbZ fans down we did bye your game and as for us fans we would very much appreciate more and better stuff from you guys. You take our money we surely do expect a lot of good thing happening. COME ON BANDAI!!!!!

    • 2pacvelox

      I agree it’s 2015 step it up dammit taking our money I’m tired of paying for prototypes

  • Darkchief117

    Is the DLC free? On the Xbox 360 store it says the DLC is free but on several sites they say each DLC is 10 bucks each.

    • 2pacvelox

      Is it the same dlc as the season pass?

    • Nevfx

      Unlikely it’s free as there is a Season Pass for 3 packs of DLC

  • erick

    So theres gonna be a gt pack today

    • viperbike

      Any idea when the server maintenance will be finished

  • ViperBike

    Does anyone have any idea when they will be done with server maintenance

  • bigmike87

    I wanna know when the first dlc pack is coming out. Soon? Define son please dimps.

  • Devin

    I did.the update but.the.dlc didn’t come available? Whats with that

    • Nevfx

      The DLC isn’t released yet! It says clearly in there Facebook post this patch just adds compatability with it.

  • Dartz

    Also the 2 player local matches isn’t working …. my bro can’t use his character from his account on my 2 player local match lobby.

  • Prophet

    I just killed buu on spirit bomb quest and check this,I unlocked vanishing ball ,super vanishing ball some evasive skill and Uubs chest piece in one playthrough and btw bandai you suck there just after the ££££

  • Kahlil Abdul

    Lookin forward to the patch fix

  • Delis Encarnacion

    They should add a preview section to the clothes and accessories shop. So I can see what the hell I’m buying.

  • LuckyKnock

    why isnt my DLC pack 1 not working? i downloaded it like 4 days and still isnt in my downloads list? please someone help

  • LuckyKnock

    I downloaded the DLC Pack 1 like 4 days ago and it isnt working in game and it isnt in my downloads list on ps3 :S someone help me please

    • Nevfx

      It hasn’t been released yet, you can’t have downloaded it. The only thing up at the moment is the Season Pass.

      • LuckyKnock

        I did download the Preorder (vegeta SSJ4) so i can play with vegeta ssj4 and then i downloaded the season pass (GT PACK 1) and it said it was successfully downloaded, i looked in my downloads and its not there, i put the code in again and it says its not valid. Its not in my download section either. I know its not been released yet but it still should show that i’ve downloaded it, but it doesn’t when i’m worried that my moneys wasted -.-

        • Nevfx

          What console is this on? I know on PS4 the season pass is treated as a license, something you view under the PSN section under settings, a Season Pass is not DLC itself, just like a “flag” applied to your account enabling future downloads.

          • LuckyKnock

            Its on PS3

  • Black Star

    In the middle of having Shenron grant my wish while I was in single lobby, and I still get disconnected. No wish, and all seven dragonballs are gone.. It sucks to suck.

  • Tohru Adachi #InabaPolice

    Yo Dawg I heard you like Updates

  • Jsoh

    That’s what this updates doing guys its gonna make it so you can use your dlc pack you gotta download the comparability pack. It’ll be free and like 200kb and you’d be able to use the characters

  • eddy

    Add fucking majiin transformations please…

  • deadpool

    Why doesn’t the 360 get the seasons pass?

  • Hotdogginit

    Lol. How about companies stop releasing games to the public before they are even ready. Great example is destiny and the Xbox one they were both not ready for the public on release date.

  • Hector Sharp Flores

    They fixed nearly all the servers in a span of 2-3 days.
    My hats off too you gentleman. Good show.

  • Gohan S

    1v1 2v2 and 3v3 need rounds so the battle will not be over so quick

  • Jnasty

    they can go ahead and fix this frame lag i get on ps3. My ps3 is only a year old. No reason i should be having frame lag. this isnt pc.

  • Amshel

    Period point blank……there are ALWAYS when a new form of ANYTHING is presented. I suggest patience will fix that. I’m excited to see what DBZ’s first semi.mmo Wil bring.

    • DBO

      Quick Correction, Dragon Ball Online, was DBZ first MMO…. but this…. this isnt an mmo in the traditional sense anyhow. mmos generally have a large open world to work with… not a 55 stages.

  • Amshel

    In game hiccups..mybad

  • Keef The Saiyain

    what about the pc platform, did you forget about us. We’re also having problems playing online

  • Heisenberg

    servers are still shit

  • I’d rather they get rid of the obnoxious randomness of the quest loot reward system. Its ridiculous to make skill rewards based on random luck, rather than actual scores earned for the mission.

    • Nevfx

      I agree, you can complete a mission perfectly and its still random whether you get a drop. I spent hours trying to get Picollos outfit in one of the earlier ones.

  • Allante

    What about the shitty AI both enemy(spamming) and partner AI(they just sit there half the time or refuse to shoot of Ultimates or anything advanced)

  • GG

    anyone wanna play on 360 add me – Who Is SAGE

    • Ghanja_smokin_doke

      I would but I downloaded patch and still doesn’t work.all.I can do is run around toki says offline online quests are Unavailable and battles

  • therm

    This patch has made my ps3 freeze like twice already… idk what to do but its pissing me off now

    • Mortainous

      Same problem nothing but disconnects love the game all classes should have transformations like the manga, big bang kamehameha needs to reach a little further though.

  • DJ

    I hope they fix the Bwahahah thx for the energy z soul because it single handedly ruins this game and rapes children. Imagine Kamiccolo z soul pre nerf and then multiply that times a million. It is literally that game breaking and has zero counters of any kind.

  • Chris Casey

    Patch worked great for my Xbox one. Thank you for your hard work.

  • Hunter J

    Yea but how about nerfing the fight against Goku, Gohan AND Goten where they just spam super Kamehamehas non-stop

  • Hunter J

    Yea but how about nerfing the quest where Goku, Gohan, AND Goten spam super Kamehamehas non-stop and you die without getting a hit in

  • Ridikis

    Can someone tell me how to fix a glitch?
    I preordered the game to get the ssj4 vegeta and the whole freiza soldier outfits but they aren’t showing up anywhere. And I have an xbox one.

    • Thomas

      You have to uninstall the whole thing the game and preordered dlc and reinstalled it, that’s how I was able to finally get it

  • gtg90

    still cannot connect to server (-_–” )

  • C.d. Mcclelland

    I have a ps3 it still won’t let me download my season pass and its the 11th and the dlc isn’t available in PlayStation store or anything so wats goin on

    • Nevfx

      There not released yet, it just said the patch provides support for the upcoming release.

  • Donnie R. Haid

    When will World Tournament be made available? Does anyone know?

  • kizzy

    How do you access the gt dlc

    • Nevfx

      It’s not released yet. It says it will be released soon.

  • Patrick

    my game keeps saying downloading whenever i try to finish story mode….wth going on cuz the update supposed to have been finished…..don’t get me wrong i went through the whole update phase…now I’m wondering why am i not allowed to play story. what’s downloading??

  • JackoSonic

    Hi :) would someone be able to tell me why the season pass is not available for purchase on the xbox 360?

  • Aiji Furupsu

    When will the dlc come out?

  • Arodg23

    I hav the ps3 and got the game yesterday but i cant play either online or offline stories or matches

  • Asunder88

    Online pissing matches are my favorite part of seeking information. Does anyone have an idea when/if the A.I. for single player teams will get a boost? The lack of transformation and with the exception of Piccolo, all need some polishing on application of all combat skills. I understand they give the player room to execute their desired combos and ki attacks but more often than not they only cost me money if decide to keep them alive. Also some couch co-op 2 on 2 or 3 on 3 would be a welcome addition.

  • Jason Oflaherty

    Play for a couple of missions and cant get anywere says wait for downloading far out two days later still says the same shit only done 4 1 help

  • Joe

    My season pass isn’t insyalling on PS3 did I waste 25$?

  • derek

    I wanna run around the city with my friends not just a bunch of strangers. They need to add a game invite option while in public lobby. Or at least set up sum invite only server so u and your boys can roam around

  • atlas

    Every time I try to continue story mode it always says… “Downloading data. Cannot progress until download is finished” when is that going to he fixed?! ( its not my WiFi either)

  • You R. Velez

    They Need 2 Fix Shenron Bug i cant wish :(

  • God please add more stages in the local 2 player mode and more time than just 3mins and that will make the game!!!!! ????

  • Jaime Alvarez

    It says I can’t get in the time nest where the supreme Kai of time is at, it says “downloading data…” But I downloaded everything?

  • cdiddle

    hey guys im having a problem on xenoverse. every time i attempt to go through the portal to talk to trunks to get a main mission i get a message that says. “Down loading data……you cannot progress in game until this down load is finished… anyone else having this prob?

  • jim

    I am still having trouble downloading service pack any ideas how to Fix that


    The game freezes and crashes after I beat Frieza. How can it be fixed

  • lol

    where to download this patch

  • Rob Tek

    i still cannot bloody connect i have 3 times since i bought the game 2 months ago i dont know what the hell else to try? anyone anything? xbox360 here, wired connection

  • Mahmoud AL Gin

    It’s so beautiful game

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