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PC Version Still the Best Crysis 2 on the Market


Crysis was one of the last bastion’s of the PC community when it comes to gaming on the PC.  Crytek caught a lot of heat when it was announced that Crysis 2 would be headed to consoles, and even more so when the multiplayer had changed significantly from PC versions of the original.  While some PC gamers may beg to disagree, Nathan Camarillo of Crytek reaffirms PC gamers that they have not forgotten them.

In a recent interview with Camarillo had this to say:

“Our goal with Crysis 2 was to bring a Crysis experience to consoles. So that means fundamentally we’re starting from our PC roots and then wrangling the console to our will in order to create that kind of gameplay and gameplay experience on consoles.”  “Consoles have been lacking the kind of gameplay experience that Crysis-style games offer.  That’s what caused us to build CryEngine 3.  We ripped the guts out of CryEngine 2 that we used for Crysis 1 and rebuilt it from the ground up to run regardless of whether you’re on a PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, or a PC.  So it was a fundamental goal for us to create that Crysis experience and bring it to consoles, not the other way around.  We’re not making a console game and bringing it to PC,”.

The game has reviewed greatly and as you can see by the scores most critics are pleased with the way that Crysis 2 turned out on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.  However, Camarillo believes that because consoles are so long into their lifecycle PC gamer’s are still going to get the best that Crysis 2 has to offer.

“CryEngine 3 scales regardless of your hardware, so if you have a min-spec PC, you’ll probably get a gameplay experience equivalent to consoles.  If you have a very, very high-end PC, we scale with that. So we support a higher resolution than HD on PC.  We have higher texture resolution by default because there’s more texture memory available,” he said.

“[Consoles] look awesome, but it’s a five year old piece of hardware technology.  The PC with everything maxed out is absolutely mind-blowing and it’s an amazing visual treat.”

So all the arguing about which console version is better is just an excercise of who’s coming in second place, apparently.


- This article was updated on:March 7th, 2018

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