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The Last of Us is not planned for PS4

by William Schwartz


Naughty Dog will release The Last of Us later this year.  The third person adventure title has only been announced for the PlayStation 3, but with the looming release of the PlayStation 4, it seemed like a natural fit for Naughty Dog to release this title for Sony’s new console as well.

“Thinking about how to bring this over to PS4 would distract us,” said Meyer

Putting any rumors to rest, Naughty Dog’s Arne Meyer took to NeoGaf to reveal the developer’s intentions.  When asked if they had any plans to bring The Last of Us to PS4, Meyer responded “Not at this time, We’re focused on shipping for PS3 – thinking about how to bring this over to the PS4 would distract us right now.  IF that’s something we can and choose to do, I suspect it would happen once we releases the game.”

While they might not be working on a PS4 version just yet, Naughty Dog will have plenty of time to start working on it following the game’s June release.  The PlayStation 4 is slated for release during the holiday season 2013.

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