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Portal 2 Compatible with Special Controller

by Bill Hess


Announced  at CES this weekend, controller maker Razer has teamed up with Valve to bring a unique Portal 2 experience for players that purchase it’s new Wii-like motion controller.  Valve will be supporting the device named the  Hydra, with specific content in the upcoming game Portal 2 for PC.

The new controller uses a small base that contains an electromagnetic field which allows a player to use the controller and track their movement through the power of magnets.

A Portal 2 bundle may be available around the time of the game’s release and it’s also rumored to be coming in just under the $100 mark.  Making this one of the most exciting PC peripherals coming out this year, especially for the FPS fan.

But the real question is.   Can it beat a mouse, I’m not so sure about that.  Can’t wait to try it though.

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