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Prey 2 Looks Better than Before

by William Schwartz


Prey was a decent game.  It wasn’t great.  I admit it, I played it, I just didn’t finish it.  Ok.. that was all a lie.  The only thing I remember is the very beginning of Prey and the rest of what I did play has long been forgotten.  Needless to say, when Prey 2 was announced my excitement, was well, contained.

Hearing and Seeing more about the game, Prey 2 has some things I really find intriguing.  Instead of the linear mechanics that most shooters follow, Prey 2 takes place in larger more open world areas…and of course, there’s aliens.  All of which you’ll find in the latest batch of screenshots that were recently released from Bethesda.

Prey 2 wont be available until 2012 however.  So don’t go getting too excited just yet, it makes for an even longer wait.  The screenshots below are based in a modified id Tech 4 Engine that is looking excellent as you can see below.

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