New PS3 exclusive to be revealed December 12th

by AOTF Staff

Apparently out of money after having to buy their spot for God of War 3 in the GOTY runners up category at the Spike VGA’s, Sony just couldn’t foot the other huge bill that would be announcing a PS3 exclusive at the show.

They did something a little different.

Still capitalizing on the buzz from the show, Sony is unveiling a brand spanking new PS3 exclusive and apparently it’s a pretty big deal.  But since we’re not, we’ll just find out with the rest of you.

Whatever could it be?  Whatever it is hopefully it’s as exciting as the other recent exclusives that Sony has released.  The company has had a pretty strong track record this generation of putting out quality first-party titles thus far.  Depsite what I said earlier about God of War, it’s a great game.  We’ve also seen the likes of Nathan Drake a couple of times, as well as other well recieved exclusives for the “get a second job” console.

We’ll see what they have to offer next upon announcement.

- This article was updated on July 13th, 2021