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There Might Be A PS4 Shortage In Europe This Holiday

by Damian Seeto


Sony has hinted there might be a shortage of PS4 consoles over in Europe during the very busy Holiday season.

Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House mentioned this while being interviewed by Reuters. He said for the second year running, the PS4 is “going to be quite inventory challenged“.

House added that getting a PS4 in Europe won’t be impossible like it was last year, but he mentions things might be difficult in “that market“. Some stores in Europe might be sold out, while others won’t be from the sounds of things.

He said there shouldn’t be too much of a shortage over in North America though. This is because the PS4 is challenged by the Xbox One over there. He said the Xbox One price cuts have made things “tougher” for them.

Japan was also mentioned where House said that market has been hard to crack as home consoles have been “challenged“. PS4 sales in Japan have been good, but not selling as fast as it has been in other countries.

Moral of the story, people in Europe should buy a PS4 when they see one is available as it looks like demand is going to exceed supply for the second year running. People living in North America and Japan should be able to find one without too much hassle.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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