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PSN Twice as Popular as XBLA

| October 6, 2011
PSN Twice as Popular as XBLA News PlayStation  Xbox 360 XBLA PSN

PSN twice as popular as XBLA in recent survey among developers

Among UK developers, the PlayStation Network is twice as popular as Micrsoft’s Xbox Live Arcade according to a recent survey taken.  The survey sampled 100 development studios in the United Kingdom, where thirty of those developers are actively developing for the PSN, where only 16 were actively developing for XBLA.

Develop Online suggests that this is the second such survey that has recently crossed the wires, with the last one claiming that the PSN has been more popular since 2010.  ‘The data also suggested that there would be a further decline for activity across XBLA, while PSN work would continue to rise.”

This also echoes sentiment from developers who recently raised complaints about working with the Xbox Live service, claiming that working with Microsoft has been “Excruciating”.

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