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Rayman Legends first trailer leaks out

| April 27, 2012

Rayman Legends first trailer leaks out News Nintendo  Ubisoft Rayman Legends

A recent domain registry pointed to a sequel for Ubisoft’s Rayman franchise, titled Rayman Legends.  Today, it looks like Rayman Legends is a thing, and it will be heading to the Wii U with some unique functionality for the game with the console’s tablet controller.

A leaked trailer shows an experience that looks similar to 2011’s Rayman Origins, with some Skylanders-esque features.  Judging from the trailer, there appears to be a bunch of Wii U features packed into the title.  Players can be seen interacting with the environment by using the tablet controller.

The game hasn’t been confirmed by Ubisoft just yet, and this trailer could very well have been one of the company’s big announcements for E3 2012.

Rayman Legends Leaked Trailer

Rayman Legends Screen Captures

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  • Allen

    The Wii U features just aren’t for me but glad to see exclusive content outside of Sony’s large library.

    Rayman Origins instantly became a household hit here right after I saw the artcial posted a couple months ago. This will be an easy buy for me, maybe even a day 1.

    Honestly the PS3 was much easier to use this game on, the Wii was okay but 1st the graphics weren’t nearly as good but mostly it was the running. They had you hitting the trigger on the wii mote which just felt awkward since the trigger is directed the other way (meant to be pushed as an upright held)