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Report Suggests Potential Game Industry Crash

by William Schwartz


Superdata has stated that the game industry may very well see a crash similar to that of the 1983 crisis, according to Game Industry International.

Superdata, a research and analysis company has released a report stating that while most consumers own consoles, a lot are hesitant to actually purchase next generation hardware.

“Industry veterans will remember the crash of 1983, when the games market was saturated with hardware devices,” the report says. “Today, the industry runs a similar risk, as [with] a higher-than-ever console installed base, consumers may be resistant to adding more hardware to their living rooms.”

In addition to this, Superdata’s report shows that the habits of gamers are changing, with the majority now shifting towards other mediums such as PC’s and mobile platforms. As a result, hardware companies such as Sony and Microsoft may produce too many consoles when there is actually a small demand for them, potentially leading to a crash.

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