Retailer Offering ’60s Costume And Batmobile In Batman: Arkham Knight

by Damian Seeto

New Zealand online retailer, Mighty Ape, is offering a Special Edition of Batman: Arkham Knight that lets you become Adam West.

This special edition of Batman: Arkham Knight is being advertised as an exclusive for Mighty Ape. It remains to be seen if countries outside of New Zealand will get it, but Mighty Ape is sure to be the only place Kiwis can obtain it.

Batman Arkham Knight Special Edition includes:

  • Steelbook
  • Exclusive Batman skin (60’s TV Batman, Batman 3000 & 60’s Batmobile)
  • Harley Quinn Challenge Maps
  • The Scarecrow Nightmare Mission pack

Batman: Arkham Knight looks like a serious game, so it will be funny if you dressed up as the old Adam West version. Not to mention his version of the Batmobile looks old by today’s standards.

The Batman 3000 skin is also offered in this exclusive edition of Batman: Arkham Knight. This costume has Batman wearing a red cape with a red colored batman symbol. Batman 3000 first featured in the Justice League 3000 comic.

This revelation could be a hint that other skins will be planned in the future for Batman: Arkham Knight. Down the line, we could receive Ben Affleck’s version of Batman too. His Batmobile looks pretty cool in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.