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Rockstar will not release GTA V on Xbox One and PS4

by William Schwartz


Rockstar has revealed that they are not interested in bringing Grand Theft Auto V to next-gen consoles.  Speaking in a recent interview, Rockstar’s Dan Houser revealed that the studio is not interested in bringing the game to the PlayStation 4.  With that said, it’s unlikely that the game will arrive on Xbox One either.

Houser told The Guardian that Rockstar is very interested in bringing new experiences to the Xbox One and PS4, but GTA V would not be one of them.

“Of course we’re interested. But no, not in terms of GTA, because we’re always working on the current game. We look at the tech at a more practical level: what will be ready for which game that we’re working on further down the line. We don’t have another GTA in development, we don’t work on three of these games at a time. That would be phenomenally depressing. So, in terms of GTA, no. We get pitched by the hardware manufacturers on what they’re planning to do and our tech guys come up with ideas on how that could be used. Does this influence design decisions? Of course. But we’re not sat there fantasising about 10 years down the line. We’re so busy with what we’re doing right now.”

Many assumed that after the initial launch and transition into next-gen consoles, it seemed reasonable that Rockstar announce a next-gen version of GTA V.  PC fans are also still holding out hope that the game arrives on that platform, which is beginning to sound like the closest thing to a next-gen version of GTA V if it’s ever announced.

- This article was updated on:September 19th, 2013

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