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Rumor: Call of Duty 2016 To Come With Xbox One Backwards Compatible MW1 And MW2

| March 27, 2016

Rumor: Call of Duty 2016 To Come With Xbox One Backwards Compatible MW1 And MW2 News Rumors  Infinity Ward Call of Duty

For Xbox One owners, you might be able to get Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2 if you pre-order this year’s Call of Duty 2016 from Infinity Ward.

This new rumor comes from TheTechGame who heard from a “credible source” that Activision will be offering Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 with this year’s game as a pre-order bonus. The games will be the original Xbox 360 versions that will be Xbox One backwards compatible.

To put more validity to this rumor, many other publishers have been doing the same thing with their new releases. Fallout 3 came free with Fallout 4, Alan Wake is being offered with Quantum Break and the entire Gears of War back catalog came with Gears of War: Ultimate Edition.

Since Activision has no plans to make HD remasters of the Modern Warfare games, this is the only way you could play them on the Xbox One console. For some backwards compatible games, performance improves over the original Xbox 360 versions offering faster loading times and smoother graphics.

Not to mention the two Modern Warfare games were developed by Infinity Ward who is the same developer making Call of Duty 2016. It would make sense to offer the previous games as pre-order bonuses.

It’s worth mentioning the backwards compatible Modern Warfare games should only be available for the Xbox One version of Call of Duty 2016. This is because the PS4 does not have backwards compatibility.

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  • Ocelot forgot his meds

    Yes indeedy

    • Living While Alive

      Feed the needy!

      • Evil_Annie_2015

        Pity the Salty :)


    It’s all well and good adding them, the biggest pull for those games are the multiplayer which would be cool to play on the Xbox one.
    But those games are destroyed by hacks :(

    • Albert

      Too damn true, man. Both games had amazing multiplayer but are nearly unplayable due to hackers.

    • Harley Colton

      yea but if they were put on the xbox one and b.c microsoft is doing cross platform gaming..then they woul probably update security thus hopefully making them playable again..if not..all hope is lost

  • xxhighcxx

    Funny part is modern warfare 1 will be better then any call of duty they put out in the future

    • i think is still way better than the future call of duty that’s coming out.

      • Joe Griffin

        what did you like about modern warfare 1 that they won’t have in the new game

        • hubbajube

          Original story. No supers like Destiny it doesn’t look like a prequal to Halo, it didn’t rip off Titan Fall minus mechs. It looked more and felt more like how Call of Duty should I.E MODERN WARFARE, it was its own thing. It seemed realistic, it didn’t have super long cut scenes. Really the list can go on and on why the new Call of Dooky games suck.
          Once the old ones go backwords comp, Activision might as well say good bye to new CoD money.

        • faster hit detection and still good, played like a half a year ago too, but played since before world at war came out.

        • Xxhighcxx

          I agree with the people below me and also the weapon customization has gotten out of hand literally. Like you can put so may attachments on one gun you wonder how a real person would hold it. I know it may sound like a step back but the pick ONE attachment for each gun worked flawlessly and needs to be brought back to that old rock, paper, scissors feel.

    • $107397581

      Usually how a Masterpiece works. Its hard to top your work when your original was a Masterpiece.

  • so mw3 get no love, either way mw1 and 2 is good enough.

    • Xxhighcxx

      If they included mw3 they would have to include the season pass because without it it’s a very bare bones experience.

  • David Lee

    it would make more sense to allow us to play those old maps, and use those old weapons.

    • Thomas Dozier

      It would make more sense to do Call of Duty 4 HD/Remastered. You think people wouldn’t throw money at their screens? You’d be insane and Activision and Infinity Ward are for not doing so.

  • Classic 7L

    Or you can just buy a PC and play them all from CoD 1 to CoD 2006

    • efnet

      Soooooo your advice is to buy a gaming rig ($400-$3000) just to play some old cod games when a person can just simply wait and get them for free on their Xbox one?
      Yea bud great advice ?

      • hubbajube

        Well seeing as how microcrap isn’t taking gamerfeed back sereasly with backwords comp. He kinda has a point.

        • efnet

          I guess it depends on who you ask I guess because from where I’m sitting all of my feedback given plus millions of others have been met with proper changes but hey they don’t take feed back seriously lol….go sit in your little corner child

        • infinity396

          as has been said multiple times with backward compatibility it’s up to the developers to allow it.. and not microsoft’s call on new Backward compatibility games.. but name call them all you want I guess? even if it’s unwarranted??? your rage is better aimed at actinovision.. but at least it seems they will be giving approval for MW1 and MW2 as bonuses.. it makes all the sense to developers to enable bw titles, as they may be able to get more purchases of the titles, when they are not bundled..

      • Xanivert

        Lol, you’re dumb. $400-3000 is a pretty big range for a PC to play old cods on. nobody needs to spend over $500 on a PC to play MW1&2. So maybe narrow your range a bit there dipshit

        • efnet

          Well I said 3000 because my custom rig from cyberpower was exactly $3167.89
          Relax with the name calling bruh it’s not even that serious ….also even still by narrowing the price still proves my same point
          Why would anyone spend ANY amount of money just to play some old relics that’s totally modded and hacked to shit when they can just wait and play them for FREE

          • Xanivert

            Oh I agree, and you prob spent that much so you can play any game you want, but you put that price range when saying JUST for cod, so I thought that was laughable, because most casual gamers don’t need a beefy PC. And I take back the dipshit, yes it was unnecessary

          • Alex Von Burg

            Specs on the rig man im curious im currently building a pc just like to get some ideas!!!

  • Da Player 1

    Yes YES YES YES! I really really want that!

  • AzureRathalos 97

    I would be very surprised if this is not for PS4 as well. Sure more work will go into development but considering the deal between activision and sony this would seem quite backwards.

    • Ryan Kosior

      Impossible. PS4 doesn’t have backwards compatibility, in order to allow PS4 players to play it they would need to port it over, and they’re not doing that. For Xbox One backwards compatibility they have to do nothing but give permission.

    • xMythic

      Isn’t really backwards no matter what their deal would be. Activision wants money, this is a very easy way to boost sales of the new game without doing anything.

      Microsoft already has the enviroment to make this possible, literally all they’re waiting for is Activision to say yes. PS4 though, does not. And for them to do it on PS4 would mean they’d actually have to pay developers to port it to next-gen which costs money… and if AW & BO3 have shown us anything… it’s that Activision wants to put as little effort in as possible and recieve as big of a payout as possible.

  • xMythic

    This would be awesome…

    And could be possible as it would easily boost sales of whatever terrible game they release if they only way to get them is to buy it. As we’ve seen over the past few years, Activision doesn’t care what line they have to cross to make it look like their game isn’t dying to their investors…. so long as they make money it’s whatever… And this is surely an easy to do so.

    • Guest

      I think their intention is to make people spend the most amount of money and that includes them playing and spending time on the new game and buy the DLC/microtransactions.
      Do they really want people to spend more time on their old games?

      • xMythic

        Seeing as most people are done buying their games beyond this happening… yes..

        • Guest

          It still sells more than 20 millions every year.
          Their entire business model is to make people buy the new version + new DLC every year and make the old version obsolete or “has-been”. They don’t stand to make more money from this and letting people play their old version goes against their strategy.

  • Luke Perry Glover

    Cool. :) I hope it’s true. How come MW3 isn’t in there too? ;)
    I have mw1 on ps3 and the mw2 disc for 360, so this would be good for me. :P

  • Guester

    Nice. You will see how unchanged the shitty old engine is and how everything still moves sounds and feels the exact same.

  • stillwaitingforgreatness

    Only on Xbox.

  • Avishkar Manna

    I’ll just pick up a 360 version of MW1. Have no faith in any of the COD’s since MW1.

  • Nerf Guy

    Hmm MW1 and MW2 I think something is missing here… Oh yeah WHAT ABOUT MODERN WARFARE 3!?

  • Eric219

    Question – If I played MW1 and MW2 on xbox 360 and then I play MW1 or MW2 on xbox one, will it still carry everything over like my old stats and my ranking, ect?

  • Mr Xrat

    Doubt it considering all those other games had or have the marketing deal on Xbox. Still, it would be a nice little carrot for Xgimps so I hope for their sake they get it. :)

    • Darth Vader™

      I can taste your salt from a mile away.

  • Steven Thornton

    Only thing that’s EVER made me think about owning an X bone. Just don’t think two games r worth it tho

  • Bradk825

    I wonder how something exclusive to Xbox is going to go given their deal is with Sony now.

  • Andy Bennett

    This is bad news for the 2016 COD. If this is true then that means IW is not confident that their new game will be as good as the glory days of COD with MW1 and MW2. IF this is true then they are literally telling us that they have run dry of ideas and that it won’t be that great this year.
    Think about it. If 2016 COD was amazing then why would they NEED to offer older COD’s as an incentive to buy this one?

  • Dreamcaster

    Or if you have your game discs & don’t want to but the new COD right away, just pop those into Xbox One once these are released.

  • Lord Cryptic

    YES!! Please Let this be Real

  • S.J. Yoder

    I just don’t see it happening.
    The new game will suck.
    Everyone will just play the old to titles, and it will make that new game look even that.much worse.
    With that said…….PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!

  • sjsjs

    Infinityward is a shell of its former self. The whole team basically left after mw2. The new team is the one that made ghost any is arguably the worse “modern” cod

  • Scavenger

    Bundle all COD’s together. All maps,guns,perks and kill streaks. Call it “All of Duty.”


      love it

  • JohnnyBoy

    Probably just a rumor that will never come true, Sony struck the multi-year deal with Activision for CoD, so giving the Xbox something exclusive over PS would go against that deal. Won’t happen.

  • wow still sticking with ps4

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