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Saints Row 3 Coming in the Fall

by William Schwartz


THQ has confirmed that it will be releasing a Saints Row 3 this year.  The CEO of the company, Brian Farrell made the announcement at the company’s earnings conference call.  The company head explained how the game will be a growth catalyst and is viewed as a “significant growth driver in fiscal 2012”.  Volition is handling the duties for the sandbox gangster game.

The CEO is placed under a gag order at this time, and expressed this when pressed for more details on the conference call.  All he had to say was this:

“Volition is setting a new bar for this outstanding franchise and we look forward to unveiling this game in the near future.” “I have been placed under a very tight gag order by our Saints Row team. Hang in there: you’re going to love it.”

Saints Row 2 was released back in 2008  for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC and earned a decent score from the critics in aggregate.

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