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Saints Row IV Gets Re-Elected One Week Earlier & Shows Off New Weapons

by William Schwartz


Saints Row IV: Re-Elected is the all in one pack for every Saints Row IV fan and Saints Row aficionado complete with all DLC and the upcoming stand-alone Gat Out Of Hell coming to next-gen platforms one week early.

Saints Row IV: Re-Elected has two pre-order bonuses for fans who choose to do so. The first titled ‘Devil’s Workshop Pack’ allows you to fly around with the purple wings of a Third Street Saint in Gat Out Of Hell and allows you to also wield Yorick, the flaming skull of Shakespeare’s infernal might. The second pre-order pack, the ‘Plague Of Frogs Pack’ allows you to rain down frogs on Zinyak’s forces in the main game, and run around dressed in either Infernal Guard armor or Hellish Princess costumes. If you choose to pre-order just the standalone Gat Out Of Hell title you will still receive the ‘Devil’s Workshop Pack’.

Gat Out Of Hell will have seven new deadly weapons added to the arsenal that players will use to take on the minions of Hell. Check out the awesome descriptions below and the trailer that shows a lot of awesome gameplay and a few expletives.

· Armchair-A-Geddon – (The embodiment of Sloth in the rifle slot) Take a seat and watch the mayhem explode with dual-miniguns and heat-seeking missiles.
· Gallows Dodger – (The embodiment of Pride in the pistol slot) Hurl arcane balls of energy from this mysterious embodiment of murder, which doesn’t hesitate to boast of his murderous history.
· Last Supper – (The embodiment of Gluttony in the special weapons slot) Cover your enemies with hell-ish frosting and watch how hunger takes over the masses!
· Uriels Edge – (The embodiment of Envy in the melee slot) Slash, blast and disintegrate your enemies in a deadly ball of fire.
· Ark of the Covenant – (The embodiment of Wrath in the explosive slot) Suck in the souls from your enemies and then launch them at the rest. It’s a win-win.
· Boom Chicka – (The embodiment of Lust in the shotgun slot) Nothing says come hither more than Boom Chicka, the sexiest gun in existence.
· Diamond Sting – (The embodiment of Greed in the SMG slot) This weapon propels wages at an incredible rate of fire, turning victims into a shower of wealth.

Saints Row IV: Re-Elected is set to release complete with Gat Out Of Hell on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on January 20th for $49.99. Meanwhile Gat Out Of Hell will release as a standalone on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC the same date for $19.99.

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