Saints Row IV: Re-Elected Gets Recalled In Australia

by Damian Seeto

Every PS4 copy of Saints Row IV: Re-Elected is getting recalled over in Australia.

Australian website, Press-Start, received an official statement that a nationwide recall is currently underway for every PS4 copy of Saints Row IV: Re-Elected.

The main reason Saints Row IV: Re-Elected is getting recalled in Australia is because there has been a “serious manufacturing issue“. The issue is that Australia received an “incorrectly classified version” version of the game. This is only for PS4 copies, so other platforms are not affected by this.

For now, the PS4 version of Saints Row IV: Re-Elected has been pulled off of Australian store shelves until the “correct” classified version comes. The replacements are said to come with the correct content and will arrive in retailers soon.

If you have already bought Saints Row IV: Re-elected on PS4, you are encouraged to return your copy for a full refund. That is of course if you feel the original copy you received was too violent and didn’t feature content that is appropriate for you.

It appears the PS4 version of Saints Row IV: Re-elected that arrived in Australia was bypassed by the Classification Board. The “newer” version arriving soon will have the appropriate content.

Saints Row IV has some scenes and content censored for Australian copies of the game. It looks like the PS4 version that was out briefly was the uncut version.