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SCEA CEO opposed to “used game blocking” in PlayStation 4

by William Schwartz


One controversial rumor that popped up pertaining to the next generation of consoles, was that Sony would lead an anti-used games campaign with the PlayStation 4.  Apparently,  the exact opposite is Sony’s stance on the matter, well at least its the view of Jack Tretton, CEO of SCEA.

“Used games are great for consumers,” says TrettonMichael Pachter claims to have asked Tretton point blank about possible technology in the PlayStation 4 that would prevent used games from playing on the console, and Tretton explained to him that doing so would be “anti-consumer”  and that used games are “great for consumers”.

That’s not to say it still couldn’t happen.  Tretton did say that these opinions were his only, and that they might not be the same across the entire company.  Rumors have surfaced for both Microsoft’s next console and Sony’s,  that would put an end to the used game market when the next generation arrives.

Though analysts aren’t buying it right now.  Pachter has gone on the record in the past to explain why its a horrible idea that has little chance of actually happening.

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